The benefits of procrastination

The benefits of procrastination

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Throughout the day, on a daily basis (including us, we plead guilty), we can’t stop repeating that it’s important to be productive, move forward with projects, work like crazy. Procrastination is about putting off until tomorrow (or day after tomorrow or the day after that…) the things we can do today. We can procrastinate for several reasons: laziness, lack of organization, excess stress…but simply through choice: Even if it is considered to be a horrible flaw, there is something good about procrastination. Here are some benefits of procrastination, so that you feel less guilty during these moments, where you don’t feel productive at all. Careful through, procrastination should be used sparingly, so that your professional life doesn’t turn into a huge battlefield, but you’ll have time to think about this later. 

Boost one’s energy

When one procrastinates, deadlines get closer. After a while, you don’t have a choice anymore, you need to make a go for it. In short, fear of the deadline boosts you and helps you accomplish tasks on time! You’re more efficient and you work much more quickly. Lots of people are more efficient under pressure, how about you? 

Be more creative

A study by Adam Grant, published in New York Times proved the benefits of procrastination, in terms of creativity. Doing things at the last minute, should allow you to be more creative. We don’t want to deny more creativity…

Bring order in one’s priorities

At times, one gives extra importance to certain things. Don’t do this and see what happens. You’ll see that often; the answer is that it leads to nothing serious. This means, that it’s high time to give things importance: get rid of useless tasks. You’ll gain time and save energy. 

Make more thoughtful decisions

By working way too quickly on a subject, you might end up making hasty decisions, which could go against you. While if you were to procrastinate, you have all the time you need for reflection, in order to analyze the subject through all the angles, weigh the pros and cons etc.…You don’t get carried away and make the best decisions. 

Motivate oneself

You aren’t motivated? Procrastinate. When you won’t have any other choice but to the tackle the tasks today, you’ll feel the motivation, trust us on this. 

Be more attentive with your colleagues

Due to procrastination, you have more free time. With more free time, you have more time to discuss with your colleagues around a coffee, listening to their joys and griefs. They can sense that you’re available and attentive: now they feel consoled. This way, they can peacefully get back to work, while you’re getting ready to read your horoscope. 

Contribute in preserving the environment

At times, you need to meet suppliers to negotiate new rates with them. Your boss can’t stop talking to you about this, but you keep postponing. By dint of doing so, you don’t have a choice, you need to take care of this. You take your company vehicle and go visit each one of them during the same day. Under normal circumstances, you would have gone seen them one by one, which meant taking the car several times. Your planet thanks you for cutting down on your CO2 emissions. 

Less stress

You’ve had this file on your desk since the beginning of the week and just the thought of handling it, stresses you out. But if you don’t handle it at once, you’ll spare yourself from this stress. You’ll surely be a little stressed while tackling it at the last minute, but in the end, you’ll go about it more quickly. Isn’t this known as good stress? 

Impress your colleagues

Do you remember in high school, when you managed getting better grades than your buddies, while you began revising at the last minute for your test? Your friends were speechless. The same goes at work. Everyone bet that you’ll never be able to finish this task, by beginning at the last minute. Yet, this is what happened. This way, you earned the eternal respect of your colleagues. A little bonus: you managed impressing yourself on the way. 

More sleep

You don’t have to do anything, when you procrastinate. How about doing nothing while sleeping? It’s been proven that sleep is one of the elements which favors good health. Good health is essential, so don’t deprive yourself from this.


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